Rugby is progressing well to become part of the National Educational Curriculum

10/8/2016 - 17:28
Rugby officials held a meeting with Mr. Armian - Head of Student Sports Federation, to take the steps necessary in order to officialize Rugby as a national sport in the educational system. In this meeting, Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik and head of Iran Tag Rugby Mr. Mehdi Hassanali were present.
Main issues discussed were the launch of field-level rugby, search & nurturing of talent at the school level, and the development of awareness & knowledge of Rugby at the national educational level.
At the meeting, Mr. Armian held a positive review of Rugby as a sport discipline & hoped to pursue it at the national educational system. He hopes to make the necessary measures in order to introduce Rugby at the national education system.
At the conclusion, it was decided that with the support of Dr Hamidie vice head of the Department of the Ministry of physical Education, Rugby will become an officially recognized sport field in this ministry.
After five years of Tag rugby & tournaments in the country, the entry of this field will also be a major step in the development of rugby in our country.