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June 3, 2018

1. Project Background and Description

Rugby is relatively new sport in Iran but it has quickly become very popular and is currently going through rapid development.
In Iranian social culture families accompany children to many activities especially those held by the schools like games, festivals and sport tournaments. One of the reasons why this project has received so much support from various official governmental organizations is the ability to bring people and families together by sport and build communities. This project is aimed at children who have not done any sport before so we can find new talents and shape their abilities accordingly. We want them to completely focus on rugby so their physical predisposition as future athletes is undeveloped, rather than switching from one existing sport to rugby.
2. Project Scope

Having over 120 000 schools in the country for children under 16, Iran Rugby Association is planning on introducing the sport to educational institutions for rugby to be added to the current PE scheme. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, we are planning on increasing the number of players by 10%, with average number of students as 50 per school we are looking at adding another 60 000 players per year.
3. Follow up and Implementation Plan

After successful implementation of this project we are planning a series of national sport festivals and games, where all provinces are invited to participate. The purpose of the events is to again gather families together and by giving a positive image and experience attract new provinces and grow the program further. Our goal is to promote rugby not only as sport discipline but also as a new healthy lifestyle.

Position Name Role
President of IRA Dr Hassan Mirzaaghabeik Project management
Min of education department Dr Mehrzad Hamidi Governance support
Development manager of IRA Naeem Harjabi Operations
VP Development IRA Nahid Development and education
Medical board advisor Dr Hashayarsabati Medical
New talent advisor Dr Saracheshomi Talent and promotion
International Relations M Ryan PR
4. Expenses – sponsorship required