At the joint meeting of the Rugby Association and the Asian Confederation, it was agreed:

Holding online training classes for coaches and referees and sending the national team to international tournaments

4/20/2021 - 14:49
According to the public relations of the Iranian Rugby Association, the joint meeting of this association and the Asian Rugby Confederation was held in the presence of the president of the association Dr. Mir Mehdi Hosseini and a member of the board Dr. Mirza Aghabig with Mr. Qais AL- Dhalai, president of the Asian Confederation and head of the Asian Development Committee.
In this meeting, based on the prioritization and planning done in the Rugby Association, the need to hold online training classes for rugby coaches and referees in order to improve knowledge and update information was emphasized and agreed upon.
It was also decided that the men's and women's national teams would be sent to international tournaments this year. The meeting also discussed the request to host international competitions due to the coronary conditions in the country.
At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mir Mehdi Hosseini pointed out that according to the roadmap of the association and the plans made, we, along with all staff members, will do our best to form the strongest national teams in Asia.