The World Rugby Handbook 2015 by the World Rugby Organisation is now vailable for the first time ever in Persian

10/21/2015 - 17:34

The official translator and a Rugby coach, Mr. Mir Mojtaba Fazljou,in an interview with the Fars News said: ‘the translation & rules has been consolidated into a handbook format of which a 1000 have been ordered and 500 are available immediately to the public and in particular the Iranian Rugby fans’.

He added that our coaches and referees have demonstrated a high level of proficiency with the Rugby rules, however in order to maintain such consistency and high level of understanding and compliance to the regulations, there was a need for an up to date handbook on the World Rugby Regulations in Persian to act as the de facto reference for all Iranian Rugby fans, players and professional staff.

Mr. Mir Mojtaba Fazljou further added that the handbook has been translated following in detail the structure of the original text and care has been taken to maintain the high level of integrity and professionalism required. Considering the work done, Mr. Mir Mojtaba Fazljou said this handbook has one of the few books published in Iran for Rugby and for this reason few publishers showed high level of interest. He said ‘I therefore had to be patient and overcome many commercial and legal challenges in order to complete the work’. Mr. Fazljou said that ‘Rugby is on the same level of capability and potential for national pride as any other sport in Iran, however like any other sport all the family members such as the players, coaches, referees and official should work harder in order to get to their real place in the Iranian society’.
He thanked the Iranian Rugby Committee and its President for giving the go ahead for this work and its particular support for the growth and development of the youth for Rugby.

First time ever published in Iran and available in Persian now, the World Regulations Rules 2015 book is in line with those available by the World Rugby Organization (*World Rugby Organization was founded in 1886 with today 118 member countries. It changed name from IRB to World Rugby in 2014*).

The handbook has a summary by the official translator and the Kerman province head of sports, Mr. Mir Mojtaba Fazljou, and the Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirzaaghabaik.

The book can be purchased through the Iran Rugby Committee office.