Iran National Rugby Coach: Our task will be Difficult

11/2/2015 - 19:51
Iran National Rugby team after winning the competitive games in UAE and India has managed to join the top 10 teams participating in the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Qualifiers on 7-8 November 2015 for a place at the Rio De Janiero 2016 Olympics.

Iran Rugby coach, Mr. Rasolie, gave us the pleasure for the latest team news ahead of these games.

How is the team doing?
Thank God we're practicing hard so that we can get the best results.
Has the final squad for the trip to Hong Kong been specified?
Yes, we have selected 12 for the Hong Kong competition.
When you are sent to the tournament?
God willing, 14 Aban (5 November)
In the two previous stages, were the results satisfactory?
We won the first place in both of the competitive stages in UAE and India. We played well. However, our task in Hong Kong will be challenging. We will do our best to be among the top 3 teams who will go to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics.

Which teams are your main rivals?
At these final stages all the teams are strong and there is no weak team. However we will not be intimidated by any team and we will try our best to achieve our goal.

In your Pool B, Japan who is the Asian superpower is not present, is this good news?
As I mentioned at this level of competition there are no weak teams, the Hong Kong team, our host, is no less than Japan and we therefore must focus on our game and beat all the teams (regardless of who they are) in order to qualify. After the Pool stages, in the following stages of the competition, the first and second places are drawn against each other from each Pool. We will then meet the other top teams in the competition, and it is possible to encounter Japan then.

According to the schedule provided by the Organizing Committee, you will have 4 games on the first day, is this not too much physically for you? We are used to the physical levels required for this competition and we have therefore programmed our preparations to get our players in top physical conditions to cope with 4 matches in a day. We have no worries on this front.