Iran Mens Rugby 7 fails to win a place for Olympics 2016

11/20/2015 - 16:44
Iran Mens Rugby 7 failed in the recent competitions, 7-8 Nov 2015, in Hong Kong in their quest for a place at the Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016. These games showed that the national Iranian Rugby needs to do much more hard work than has done till today. Recent national team successes in West & and Central Asia competitions were great tests for the team, however much more work, support & budget is required to be successful against the top teams in Asia.
Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik said first of all I thank the team and our staff who put in all their efforts, even if the results were disappointing. I am happy though that we were able to participate in this level for the first time for us in front of 12 thousand of Rugby spectators. The experience at this level showed to our players that much more work is needed before such competitions and relying merely on the result of efforts during the national team during the preparatory camps is not enough.
Today, it is important that players and coaches plan and perform an athletic program to the highest standards, including proper body building exercises at the core of such a program.
Hong Kong competitions were useful to show new tactics to our coaches that are invaluable for the development of Rugby and for future competitions. Ideally, our team should have been in place earlier to get used to the time difference between Hong Kong and Tehran. We were faced with budget constraints and our morning games at 9AM HK time meant 5AM in Teheran! We had naturally not played any games at this hour in Tehran.
I am happy that Mr. Alipour, Sports Federation chairman, saw the games first hand in Hong Kong and commented that if we had more preparatory games in advance of this competition, we would have surely got better results. As for myself as President of Iran Rugby, I would like to see over the next 4 years, a minimum yearly budget (of $200K) for the development of Rugby at the national level. By having a suitable budget, by 2020, we can become one of the top 4 teams in Asia. We have great talent among our players at all ages, and we only need the execution of our Rugby programs to be further supported by the Iran Ministry of Sports and Olympics Federation. I hope and I llok forward to further support & suitable budget from today till 2020. I thank again all the players, staff and all those supporting Iran Rugby, and Mr Alipour who continues to help Rugby Iran.