The National Rugby Camp has invited 23 players for the upcoming competitions at United Arab Emirates (UAE)

1/1/2016 - 12:09
The public relations office of the National Rugby team made the announcement on behalf of the Iran National Rugby coach, Mr. Rasolie that 23 players have been called upon to attend the 2 day intensive preparatory training camp in Tehran on 14 Jan 2016 (24 Day 1394). The players will be expected to pass the Cooper test of enduring 12 minutes running to 3200m and have a VO2mam of over 60.

The names of the players called up are:
Payam Shojai, Omid Zarei, Saeed Tavakoli, Sadeg Pakdaman, Mostafa Godsian (Pesaran Shiraz)
Misam Khadem, Golam Reza Shah Husseni, Ali Yagotie, Abbas Manochehri, (Kara Fars)
Hadi Bakhtiarie,Navab Asadzadeh, Novid Soleimanie, Afshin Soraj (Setaregan)
Ali Boostanie, Hassan Sayamie, Ahmad Attaei (Khorasan Razavi)
Reza Bayat, Abbas Rasoulzadeh, Babak Mohammadi (Congress 60)
Sina Khanzadeh (Gilan)
Hussein Morej (Khalij Fars)
Payam Abbasi (Kerman)
Ali Motab (A Shargi)
Alireza Riani (Freelance/Conscript)

Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik said selection is not merely based on the name & history of the player with the national team. In a new era, the player level of fitness and technical competence will be important in the final choice by the selection committee of experts and coaches. We also hope to send a team for the Rugby XV Club competitions at Qatar in 2016. We will finalize the decision after the conclusion of our own club competitions and we will send the best team that meets the necessary requirements