Young Female Rugby Player injured in road accident

2/7/2016 - 20:48
Recently Sara Abdolmaleki was injured in a terrible road accident upon returning from Kermanshah city. The accident has deeply saddened all, in particular the Iranian Rugby family.
Ms. Abdolmaleki who is at the care of the Asia Hospital in Tehran has been visited by the deputy Ministe Mrs. Shahryan, Mr. Alipur president of sports associations & federations, Dr Nourozi, head of medical sports.
In this connection the Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik said: On behalf of all the officials in the Ministry of Sports and the Federation of Associations, the Iranian Rugby family is ready to assist in helping the recovery of this young athlete, and we all hope that we will soon see her back in perfect health. We thank all those who have helped in the speedy recovery of this young girl .