The National Rugby 15 team will be go to Asian competitions on 15 April 2016 (27 Farvardin 1395)

7/23/2016 - 19:52

The Qatar Rugby Federation (QRF) will host a tri-nation Asia Rugby Championship Division three from April 16 to 22. Iran will meet Qatar on 16 April and Lebanon on 19 April.
The tournament is an Asia Rugby-sanctioned event and all aspects of the competition will be handled by Asia Rugby officials. The Asia Rugby Championship, or ARC, is an annual rugby union competition held amongst national rugby sides within the Asia Rugby region. The winner of the competition's top division is recognised as the rugby champion of Asia. The top division, sometimes referred to as the Tri Nations, includes the top three Asian teams each season. Division 1 includes the next four teams and Division 2 includes the next four. Division three is further divided geographically, with each of the West, East and South Central divisions including three teams.
In preparation of these games, from the technical staff, a total of 26 players will go to the Tehran Takhtie camp on 27 Farvardin (10-11 march).