Pasargod becomes wins End of Ramadan Beach Rugby Tournament

7/23/2016 - 20:30

Pasargod became the coastal champion of Ramadan Cup in commemoration of the martyrs of shrine.

With the participation of six team; Gilan, Datis, the Persian Gulf, Qom, Tabriz and Pasargod, the competition was held at the Takhti Stadium in Tehran

The judges for the tournament were Ali Darfaki, Farshid sadegi, Mostafa Chavoshi, Mustafa Arabi, Hamed Hagie, with the help of technical director Bahador Mohammadi and secretary of the committee rugby of Tehran.

Tournament Results:

Shahrdari Tabriz 2 Pasargod 5
Datis 5 Qom 2
Pasargod 4 Baran Gilan 2
Qom 8 Persian Gulf 3
Baran Gilan 4 Shahrdari Tabriz 2
Persian Gulf 3 Datis 4
Pasargod 6 Persian Gulf 4
Baran Gilan 5 Datis 3
Qom 7 Tabriz Municipality 5