Golestan Wins the National Men Tag Rugby Tournament

8/20/2016 - 19:21

Golestan was the surprise winner of the National Men Tag Rugby tournament. 10 teams from around the country participated in this tournament. Golestan won the tournament by winning all their matches. The second place went to the Persian Gulf (Teheran) team and third place was awarded to Baran Gilan.

The exciting atmosphere of this competition was welcomed by all the participating teams. This competition was held in line with international standards and referees. At the conclusion of the competition, the Head of Iran Tag Rugby and National Rugby coach, Mr. Mehdi Hassanali presented the names of the young players and upcoming talents for the youth national team to the Iran Rugby Association.

Golestan Wins the National Women Tag Rugby Tournament

15 teams from the country participated in this tournament that took place in the city of Gorgan. The high number of teams, their level of play & motivation combined with the support of senior national players from each respective province, made these games a memorable event for Rugby in Iran, even under rainy conditions!.

In preparation of these games, Mr. Amin Husseinzadeh, former Iran Rugby Coach provided lessons in training, regulations and working harmoniously with coaches & referees. Also, the Head of Iran Tag Rugby and National Rugby coach, Mr. Mehdi Hassanali presented invaluable guidance of Tag Rugby, its regulations & objectives for the participation teams.

The concluding ceremony was attended by the provincial sport authority. A special thanks goes to Ms. Nazanin Husseini whose effort was a key in the successful organization of this event.

In conclusion, after seeing this competition, Iran Rugby President Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik said that 20 players will be called up for the upcoming competitions in Germany. Further information will be provided over the coming days.

Start of Preparation for the 35 strong National Ladies Rugby Team on way to Germany

Iran Rugby association has declared that the age group will be 16-22 years old. Ms. Mirhadi Nayeb, responsible for the women team, said that we are targeting 2020 and have therefore invited 4 players from the recent provincial national U16 competitions. We will coordinate our efforts with the provinces and appropriate persons.

We will use this opportunity to build a team for the long term. We are thus inviting all the players who have been invited to finalize their necessary documents for this trip.