For the first time in Iran, ‘Touch Rugby’ coaching program is introduced

9/10/2016 - 21:14

For the first time in Iran, ‘Touch Rugby’ coaching program is introduced

With the Rugby Board's approval at the request of Setaregan Tehran (Stars of Teheran) Touch Rugby coaching program will be presented in Iran under the supervision of Stockholm Touch Rugby.

This will be initially a one day program to be held in September.

This Touch Rugby course will focus on the basic concepts of the game, the rules and on the tactics and strategy to deploy. At the end of the training, there will be a real Touch Rugby game to practice and apply the lessons of the day. The day w will be concluded by the awarding of the coaching License of Touch Rugby by the Iran Rugby Association. This license is obligatory for those who wish to set up Touch Rugby in their respective provinces and wish to participate in competitive Touch Rugby Games domestically or internationally.

Participation is open to the public.
How to register:
Those interested in attending the course should be national picture card, birth certificate, deposit receipt in the amount of sixty thousand Tomans (the account 5047061008744720 * Bank city * named Mehdi Jafari), contact number, email and via telegram to the number 09127241278 to be submitted.
Participants via telegram, will then receive the information required to attend a coaching course "Touch Rugby