Kerman girls stood on the top of U18 Rugby

8/14/2017 - 20:50

Kerman girls stood on the top of U18 Rugby

Results of the Rugby Women's Under-18 Championship

The tournament was held with the presence of teams from Golestan, Alborz, Datsis, Kerman (Sasan) and Bandar Ghoz, which was held on August 9, 2017 at the Gorgan stadium.
The team positions were as follows:
1) Kerman (Sasan)
2) Alborz team
3) Golestan

And the Bandar Ghaz Malavaan and Datis achieved the fourth and fifth place respectively.

List of scores per game:
First game: Bandar Gaz is 0. - 0 Golestan
Second game: Alborz 10 - 12 Kerman
Third game : DATIS 0-27 Kerman
Fourth game: Bandar Ghaz 0-19 Alborz
Fifth game: Golestan 7 - 14 Alborz
Sixth game: DATIS 0-17 Bandar Ghaz
Seventh game: Kerman 15-0 Bandar Ghaz
Eighth Game: Golestan 20-0 DATIS
Ninth game: Alborz 22 - 0 DATIS
Tenth game: Kerman 24 - 0 Golestan