Qom became the champion of Tag Rugby U16 boys

8/14/2017 - 20:52
Qom became the champion of Tag Rugby U16 boys

The second rugby tagging competition for boys under the age of 16 occurred with the participation of six teams in the city of Osco, Tabriz. Two groups of three teams were composed, which were:
Group A : Tabriz B - Persian Gulf and Golestan
Group B: Tabriz A- Qom-Datis.

After the first stage, the first and second teams of each group held a series of matches that led to the teams of Tabriz B and Golestan facing each other for the 3rd place. Tabriz beat 5-3 Golestan to reach the third place.
The final match was between Qom versus Datis. The two teams finished the allowed time at 4-4, however during the extra time the Qom team won the match with a ‘golded try’ and won the title of the championship.

The referees of these matches were by Ali Dorfaki, Farshid Seddiqi and Naeem Hargabi, all of whom are international referees, and also Amir Hossein Amorpour.
At the end of the championship awards ceremony by the chairman and secretary general, the chairman of the Sports Association of Tabriz Ayoubi. At the end of the tournament, the top 7 technical players committee were recognized with distinctions.