Head of Iran Rugby Association” We will do our best to be a great host for the German women's national team”

10/26/2017 - 16:29

An important meeting for coordination of the International Rugby Championship of Tehran was held in the hall of the Federation of Sports Associations. It was decided by the members of the executive board of the competitions that the organization of the upcoming events and hosting of the German women’s’ Rugby national team to be held at its highest level.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Iran Rugby Association, this meeting was attended by; Mehran Sarparast - Secretary-General of the Federation of Sports Associations, Hassan Mirza Aghabik - Head of the Rugby Association, Ms. Hadi Mohammad Jafar –Women’s’ VP of the Federation, Dr. Armin Salehi- responsible for International Relations Committee of the Federation of Sports Associations and also present were the respectable members of the Executive Committee for this tournament.
Dr. H. Mirza Agha Baik said, "we should be in a best position to be a good host for the German women’s’ team and also organize Competivity the upcoming matches. He continued “members of the executive committee have been identified and have begun their work, and we hope that in the light of our efforts, we can make our guests fully satisfied during their visit to Iran. He added "these competitions will be for Rugby VII for our national teams and also Under 17 years. It will be on Thursday, 2nd of November at Saipa Stadium in Tehran. We aim to be a good host and also learn from these competitions for our rugby teams.
The Rugby Association Council will meet with political officials & sportsmen officials. And the members of the national team under the age of twenty have spoken to political, sportsmen and figures in the name of our country, as well as the secretary of the federation, thanking the efforts of the rugby community officials to invite the German national team and hold an international tournament in Tehran,
He concluded that Ms. Mohammad Jafar and other members of the executive board have presented their plans and proposals which stipulated that the programs should be strictly followed up and implemented. It should be noted that these competitions will be held from 14:00 on Thursday.
Matches to be played are as follows:
U17s Iran Vs Germany, U17 Iran Vs Iran Senior, Iran Senior VS U17 Germany